Qatar Diploma Attestation

Qatar Document AttestationDo you need your diploma attested by the country of Qatar?

Certifying and legalizing a diploma for Qatar is a multi-step process which involves the University Registrar, the State, U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. and the Qatar Embassy or Consulate office.

The country of Qatar has one Embassy in Washington, D.C. and three consulate offices; Los Angeles, Houston, and New York.  Depending on what State your school is in, either the Embassy or one of the Consulate offices will legalize your diploma.

The Qatar Consulate or Embassy has strict requirements on attesting diplomas and or transcripts.  If you are unable to obtain any of the following documents, please Contact Us before you mail-in your documents to our office for processing.

Here is the list of five documents we will need:
– Copy of your passport
– Original diploma
– Notarized copy of your school’s diploma by the school’s registrar or official
– Signed letter from the school stating that all of your classes were completed in class and on campus
– Original transcript

– Any university degree issued before 01/01/2000 must be submitted with a letter addressed to the Consulate of Qatar in Los Angeles proving the completion of all courses, along with an original transcript

– Any university degree issued after 01/01/2000 must be submitted with a letter addressed to the Consulate of Qatar in Los Angeles proving the completion of all courses in-class rather than online), along with an original transcript

Here are the two simple steps you will need to take before we can begin to certify and attest your diploma:

Step 1: Notarize Your Diploma – The first step is to contact the universities registrar and request the original or the color copy of your diploma notarized.  If the school does not have a notary on staff, you will need to request a traveling notary to visit the school and meet with the Registrar.

Step 2: Mail-in Your Documents – The second step is to mail in your notarized diploma included the documents the Qatar Embassy or Consulate office will require (see list above).  Failure to provide the required documents will cause delays in attesting your diploma.

Depending on the State your diploma was notarized in, the processing time can take two to three weeks to complete.  We will coordinate with our offices to complete your documents as quickly as possible.  We also provide FedEx 1-2 day return shipping once your documents are complete.  If you require international shipping to Qatar, please Contact Us.

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