Apostille Certificate of Good Standing

Do you need an Apostille on a Certificate of Good Standing?

If you are planning to expand your business to another country, you will be required to prove that your company is in good standing with the State of California.  In California, the Articles of Incorporation can be used to demonstrate that you have an active and valid business in the State of California.

The California Secretary of State has a website where you can search for active corporations in the State of California.  Some companies have printed-out the information in addition to the Articles of Incorporation.

In order to have an apostille attached to your Articles of Incorporation, you will need to mail-in a certified copy stamped by the California Secretary of State.  The State will typically stamp the back of the certificate with a blue/purple seal which will include the signature of the Secretary of State.

Black and white copies or not acceptable and will be rejected by the State.  The best method to obtain new certified copies is to contact the California Secretary of State’s office for assistants.  You may be able to order new certified copies online have it delivered to you quickly.  There are also service companies located in Sacramento that can help expedite the process.

Other common documents we receive are:
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