California Apostille, Certification, and Authentication

There are many ways to obtain authentication for your documents in California.  If you need your document authenticated by the California Secretary of State, the country of destination determines whether the authentication is an Apostille or a Certification.

A California Apostille is attached to a document whose country is a member of the Apostille Convention.  If the country is not a member of the Apostille Convention, then the California Secretary of State will attach a Certification.

Here is an example of a California Certification and a California Apostille:

California Certification
California Apostille

The following image below gives you an up-close look at the Office of the Secretary of State Seal.  This red seal is placed on the right side of the Apostille or Certification overlapping the original document being authenticated.  The Secretary of State will also staple the Apostille or Certification twice to ensure the document is secure.Office of the Secretary of State Seal

Another alternative some countries may request is for a notarized document to be authenticated by the California County Clerk Registrar-Recorder office.  Our office is located in Los Angeles and we are minutes away from the California Secretary of State in Los Angeles.

The most common types of documents we authenticate are (Note: Some documents require a certified copy):

  • Marriage Licenses, Divorce agreements
  • Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates
  • Single Status to Marry, No record of a Marriage
  • Criminal Record
  • Power of Attorney – General, Special, Finance, Real Estate etc.
  • Notarized copies of Passport, Affidavits, and other documents
  • Papers for Adoption purposes
  • Transcripts (School, College, University, or any other issuing agency)
  • Diploma, Degree Certificates, Graduation Records
  • Permission to Travel, Consent by Parent(s) to travel with Minor Children

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