Diploma Attestation Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Document Attestation CertificationAre you planning to work or continue your education in Saudi Arabia?

Attesting your University Degree and Transcripts for the country of Saudi Arabia is a multi-step process.  The Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission and the Saudi Arabia Embassy will require supporting documentation in additional to your notarized and certified diploma that must be provided in order to complete the process.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia has one of the strictest procedures in authenticating academic documents.  The Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM) must verify your educational credentials before the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington, D.C. will legalize your documents.

The Cultural Mission is located just outside Washington, D.C. and in the City of Fairfax, Virginia.  The SACM was created by the Saudi government in 1951 to function as an intermediary between U.S. educational institutions and the Saudi government.

Note: The SACM does not attest online degrees.  They will only attest degrees from accredited US based Universities.  Also, even if the University has a campus in the USA and in another country, you must certify and legalize your diploma from the country you completed your education in. 


To authenticate your university degree, the SACM will require the following documents:

  1. Letter to the Director of Authentications at SACM from you.  We will provide you a sample of this letter for your reference.  This letter must be edited and signed by you (Does not require notarization).  Reference: SACM 1.  In this letter, you will also grant us authorization to represent you at SACM.
  2. Degree Verification Certificate.  You can request the Degree Verify Certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse website: http://www.studentclearinghouse.org .  Be sure to print the page verifying your information.
  3. A letter from the university you attended in a sealed university envelope Reference: SACM 2. This letter must state the degree granted to you,  the dates you attended the university, and method of completion: (online, distance learning, or regular classroom).  The letter must specify all online credits, and credits completed on the main campus of the university.
    Note: There are some U.S. universities that have opened campuses overseas.  The SACM will not attest these degrees because the courses where not completed within the United States. 
  4. Letter of employment/offer.  This letter must be printed on company letterhead and signed by the company official.
  5. Copy of your passport.
  6. Original copy of your transcripts in a sealed university envelope.
  7. Notarized copy of diploma.  We recommend that you contact the school’s registrar and request either your original diploma or a copy of your diploma to be notarized.
  8. Letter of written consent allowing SACM to contact your university.  This letter allows SACM authorization to contact your school and verify your information including transcripts, certificates, and grades from your university. Reference: SACM 3.  We will provide you a sample of this letter.

Saudi Arabia Diploma Attestation Instructions

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