Weekly Apostille Talk – FBI Background Check CRC

Apostille Frequently Asked QuestionsThe question for this week, “How do I obtain an FBI background check and how can I get an apostille attached to it.”

The very first step is to contact an FBI channeler who will provide you step-by-step instructions.  A list of FBI channelers can be found on our FBI apostille website.

You can request your FBI background check to either be emailed to you (digital copy) or mailed to your home (hard copy).  If you are outside the country, we recommend the digital copy.  If you decide to forward a copy of your digital background check, be sure to also include the security code.

We have created a short video to help explain how to obtain an FBI Criminal background check from an FBI Channeler and the steps you will need to take in order to mail-in your background check to our Washington, D.C. office for processing.

Some countries may request a State background check in addition to an FBI background check.  For example, the country of Spain & Italy require both a California State background check and an FBI background check.

You can contact the consulate or the party requesting your documents for specific instructions.  Please note than an FBI background check is only valid for 90 days.  The US Department of State will not apostille FBI background checks older than 90 days.  Also, some countries will place a time-limit on how old your background check can be.  This is especially important for State background checks who typically don’t set time-limits on their documents.

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