California Apostille Services in San Francisco Downtown

San Francisco Apostille CaliforniaMany years ago, we realized that providing California Apostille Services in San Francisco was an important step in building a solid relationship with the community.  Our main objective has always been to provide the best possible service at a very reasonable rate.  The cost for our Apostille service in San Francisco is as low as $75 dollars each.  We even provide FedEx overnight shipping at no additional cost.

In additional to our California Apostille Services, we also provide consulate legalization in San Francisco.  For example, documents going to Brazil will also require Consulate legalization.  The first step in authenticating your documents is to present them to the California Secretary of State’s office.  Depending on the country requesting your documents, the State will either attach an apostille or a certificate.  An apostille is issued for countries who are members of the Apostille Convention.  A certificate is issued for countries who are not members of the Hague Apostille Convention (Example: Brazil, China, Chile, Guatemala, etc..).

What makes our service better is that we genuinely care for our clients.  We answer calls Monday-Saturday from 8am to 7pm. Also, online live chat service is available throughout the day.   In California, we have an office in San Francisco and another in Los Angeles – Burbank.

Why Choose Us? We have the experience and knowledge to apostille and certify your documents quickly. We have a long roster of corporate clients who have used our services from the San Francisco Bay area over the years.  Many technology companies expanding to other countries rely on us to apostille and certify their documents quickly. The California Secretary of State has also recommended our services to clients who need additional assistants.

The three most common documents we apostille from our San Francisco offices are birth certificates, death certificates, and power of attorney documents.   Feel free to stop-by Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to drop-off your documents with our receptionist.  Our office is closed on the weekend but we do provide phone support on Saturday.

Thank you,

Richard M. Johnston, President
International Apostille Services, Inc.
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