Document Attestation | Legalization

California Apostille ServiceCountries who are NOT members of the Hague Apostille convention will require your documents to also be legalized at their Embassy or Consulate office. Depending on the jurisdiction of your documents (The state where your documents originated/notarized from), we can legalize your documents at any Embassy in Washington, D.C. or select Consulate General offices in Los Angeles.

The most common countries we legalize documents for are: China, Brazil, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Guatemala, Chile, Indonesia, and Egypt.

Some non-member countries may not require U.S. Department of State certification.  Please Contact Us and let us know what type of documents you have and destined for what country.  We can provide you an good faith estimate on the cost and processing time.

Here is an illustration to help explain the process better.

For example, documents destined for Kuwait require a three step process.  Your documents must first be certified at the State level prior to being submitted for certification through the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.  Once complete, your documents will then be legalized at the Kuwait Embassy or Consulate (Depending on jurisdiction).  Please note that attestation, certification, and legalization have the same underlying meaning.


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