Selling a Property in Mexico

California Apostille for MexicoAre you thinking of selling or buying a property in Mexico?  If you’re selling, you’ll first need to find a professional real estate firm in Mexico who can assist you.

In the case of selling a property, the real estate agent or attorney in Mexico will prepare a Power of Attorney form in English on one side & Spanish on the other side for you to sign.  Basically, you are giving permission for this agent to conduct business on your behalf because you are here in the States.  Be sure to have the document professionally prepared in order to avoid any delays.

Note: If you need a recommendation for a real estate firm in Mexico, send us a message.

Step 1: The Power of Attorney form will need to be notarized by a local notary near you.  If you’re in the Los Angeles area and need a Los Angeles notary, call 1-310-876-8489.  The notary will notarize the signer’s signature on the document and attach a California Acknowledgement.  It’s important that the notary attaches the correct California Acknowledgment as the wording on the document is very important.

Step 2: Mail the notarized document to our office for fast same-day processing with the California Secretary of State’s Office.   Documents received by 2pm at our office in Burbank (Los Angeles County) will be processed the same-day.  We also process documents from all 50 States including the Federal Government.

Apostille Mexico Selling Property Real Estate

Documents are returned by UPS Air for next business morning delivery at no additional cost.  We also provide International shipping to Mexico or anywhere else in the world.  Additional shipping rates apply.

Also, in order to save time and money, be sure to ask your contact in Mexico if you require any additional documents to be Apostilled.  For example, death of a spouse will require the death certificate to be Apostilled.  A recent divorce will require the divorce decree to be Apostilled for Mexico.

We can help you even if you’re in Mexico.  You can call us or fill in our Contact Us form.  We generally answer email messages within an hour during regular business hours.

Click to download our California Apostille order form. Our Apostille service is fast, convenient, and saves you time and money.

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