Do It Yourself Apostille

Do It Yourself Apostille

As in many things in life, you always have the option of obtaining an Apostille on your own.

The question you must ask yourself is, “Do I have the time, energy, learning curve, and correct documents to get my documents authenticated through the State?” If the answer is yes and you’d rather do it yourself, then we recommend that you contact the California Secretary of State’s Office in Sacramento for further assistants.  The current wait time to process your documents is 30-45 days.

In most cases, people who mail-in their documents to the State of California have their fingers crossed hoping their documents will come back with the Apostille attached.

The reality is the rejection rate from the State of California is high. How do I know? By personally standing in line for hours at the Secretary of State’s office over the years.  I’ve seen people turned away for incorrect documents, not having the proper payment method, improper notarization, documents which are too old, damaged documents, altered documents, documents not signed by the public official, documents signed by a public official who’s name and signature is not on file with the state, and more.

From experience handling thousands of documents over the years, notarized documents have a rejection rate of 60-70%. It’s hard-pressed to know that most California notaries are not competent enough to perform their jobs correctly.

Common reasons why a notarized document will be rejected is:
– No notary seal on the document.
– The notary forgot the sign the document.
– The notary’s signature is not on file with the State of California.
– The notary has incorrectly signed the document.
– The notary did not print “Notary Public” after his/her name.
– Incorrect notarial wording (Acknowledgment or Jurat).

Divorce Decree documents have a rejection rate of 60-70% – even certified copies by the Superior Court.  How do I know?  From personal experience.  In situations where your divorce decree is rejected, we’ll call you the same day and explain the reason.  We’ll let you know how to fix the problem step-by-step.  In certain situations, the Secretary of State will request the documents to remain in their possession for a few days to verify and authenticate the Deputy Clerk’s signature on the documents.

In the State of California, the notarial wording must be exact or the documents will be rejected – GUARANTEED.

Certain County documents issued by the County do NOT qualify for an Apostille. This may be confusing and hard to believe, but it’s true. For example, a birth certificate signed by a Medical Doctor from the Health Services Department does NOT qualify for an Apostille.  Surprising, these documents look the same and only a professional knows the difference. About 10-15% of birth certificates mailed to our office for a California Apostille are incorrect and will be rejected by the State.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Here is what makes us different…

Your documents will be processed the same day they are received.

We guarantee your documents will receive an Apostille or we’ll refund your money 100%.

If your documents are rejected for any reason, you’ll know the same-day we receive your documents.  We’ll even provide you step-by-step instructions on what you’ll need to do to obtain the correct documents quickly.

You don’t need to wait weeks or months to know the status of your documents.  Not only will we contact you when we receive your documents, you’ll receive a UPS tracking number the same-day before 6pm PST.  Your document will then be delivered by UPS the next business morning to your home, office or anywhere in the United States.Click here to learn more About Us – International Apostille Services, Inc.

Click to download our California Apostille order form. Our Apostille service is fast, convenient, and saves you time and money.

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