California Articles of Incorporation Apostille

Do you need an Apostille on your California Articles of Incorporation?

In order for your document to receive an Apostille from the California Secretary of State, it either needs to be an original (red seal) or a certified copy (purple seal) stamped by the California Secretary of State.

The red seal is placed on the front of the original Articles of Incorporation document you received when forming your Corporation.  This needs to be the original and not a color copy of the original.  If you are unable to find the original, you’ll need to contact the California Secretary of State to order a new one.

You can also request a certified copy of the original.  This document will have a purple stamp that will appear on the back of the final page of the document in the lower right-hand corner. The stamp will contain the date the document was certified, the signature of the California Secretary of State, and the California State Seal. Within the area of the stamp will be the handwritten number of pages being certified and the initials of the deputy certifying the document (*Note: In certain situations, the California Secretary of State my attach a letterhead instead of the purple seal).

From experience, it doesn’t matter if the document contains the red seal or the purple seal, as long as it’s an original or a certified copy, the California Secretary of State will attach an Apostille.

Additionally, we can also obtain an Apostille for the following corporate documents.  Some of these documents will require notarization (Agreements, Bylaws, Power of Attorney, etc…).  Please call us before sending in your documents for verification.

Articles/Certificate of Incorporation
◾Merger Agreements
◾Certificates of Amendment
◾Corporate Board Resolution(s)
◾Distribution Agreements, Agency etc.
◾General Power of Attorney
◾Appointment of Distributor
◾Authorization of Agent
◾Deeds of Assignment
◾Patents and Patent Applications
◾Trademark Applications
Certificate of Good Standing
Certificate of Free Sale
◾Price List
◾Financial Statements
Certificate of Origin
◾Certificate of Assignment
◾Certificate of Analysis
Certificate to Foreign Government
◾Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product
◾Food and Drug (FDA) Administration Documents (Federal documents require authentication by the U.S. Department of Sate in Washington, D.C..  Washington DC Apostille

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