County Clerk Registrar Recorder

Birth Death Certificate Apostille CaliforniaIn California, there are 58 different County Clerk Offices.  It’s important to note that the California Secretary of State only authenticated Birth & Death Certificates signed by the County Clerk Registrar Recorder’s Office or the State Registrar’s Office.

If you look towards the bottom of your certificate, you’ll see a name, signature, and a title.  It’s important your documents are an original certified copy (Blue border with a slight pink color) and is signed by the County Clerk.  You may see the following variations depending on the County your documents were issued from:

County Clerk
Clerk Recorder
County Recorder
County Assessor Recorder
County Clerk Recorder
County Clerk Registrar Recorder

Assessor County Clerk Recorder
Assessor Clerk Recorder

Birth or Death Certificates signed by a Medical Doctor or the Health Department of the County do NOT qualify for a California Apostille because a Doctor’s signature is not considered an official signature by the State for an Apostille.  In most cases, if you see an “MD” after the name of a document issued by the Health Department of the County, you’re document doesn’t qualify.

Here is an example:

Before sending in your documents to our office, it’s important that you Contact Us.  We have authenticated thousands of Birth and Death Certificates over the years.  We can provide you clear and concise directions in order to avoid any delays.

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