California Cities and Counties

California Cities and CountiesThere are 58 different counties in California which contain 482 cities (Source: Wikipedia).

We can provide you professional same-day California Apostille service no matter where you’re located in California, the United States, or the World.  In fact, about 15% of our clients no longer live in the United States.  Popular countries we overnight documents to are: Argentina, Mexico, Russia, India, and South Korea.

What makes our service unique is that we work harder and faster than anybody else in the business.

What makes us different…
We provide complimentary pick-up, complimentary notary, same-day Apostille service, and FedEx/UPS next business morning delivery to your location.  We also provide 100% money back guarantee!  If we can’t obtain an Apostille for your documents, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

We’ve Apostilled thousands of documents over the years so if for some reason there is a problem authenticating your documents, we’ll give you step by step direction on what you can do to fix it fast.

Our office is minutes away from the Secretary of State’s office in Downtown Los Angeles ensuring that your documents will be processed the same day we receive them. Obtaining an Apostille doesn’t have to be a challenge. You don’t need to spend hours trying to figure out how to obtain an Apostille, calling the Secretary of State’s office,  or waiting months for your documents to arrive.  Our fast same-day Apostille service gets the job done so you can focus on what’s important.

Common documents we receive are  Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree signed by the Superior Court, and more.  Most documents sent to us don’t require notarization but if they do, we can either provide you complimentary notary service (if your local) or we can send you the documents you need so the local notary near you can help.

Common documents which require notarization are:  Copy of Driver License, Copy of Passport, Affidavit, Power of Attorney, School Transcripts, and School Diploma.

Before mailing in your documents to our office, it’s important that you contact us. You maybe required to scan and email us a copy of your documents for verification as some documents may not qualify for an Apostille or it’s possible the documents have not been notarized correctly.

We recommend you sending in your documents by the following carriers: FedEx, UPS, or USPS Priority mail service. We do provide international shipping at an additional fee. Please call us for a price quote. 1-888-810-4054 or 1-310-876-8489.

Click to download our California Apostille order form. Our Apostille service is fast, convenient, and saves you time and money.

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