Fake California Apostille

If the deal seems to good to be true, it always is.  It’s easy for someone to put up a website offering extremely low cost California Apostille Service.  Some of these websites are actually charging less than the fee charged by the California Secretary of State office.  Don’t be a victim of fraud including losing your money and original certificate.  I hear about it all the time!

Obtaining a California Apostille is time consuming, requires traveling to the California Secretary of State office, standing in line for several hours, paying parking fees, apostille fees, notary fees, and return shipping fees. Different countries have different requirements.  Some countries may reject your document if they have not been translated correctly or if the California Apostille is placed on the wrong page.  Also, not every document qualifies for a California Apostille.

California Apostilles are issued by the California Secretary of State only.  Here is an example of a California Apostille. California Apostilles are randomly numbered, attached to the original, and stamped by a California Apostille red seal.  The date and apostille number can be checked by visiting this link: http://www.sos.ca.gov/business/notary/apostille-search/

Work with a professional California Apostille service!  Death, Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Affidavits, Diploma, School Transcripts, and Power of Attorney documents are extremely important and highly sensitive information.  They should be handled by professionals only.

If you send your document to a thief, that person can use your original certificate to establish identity, open bank accounts, borrow money, and more!  Don’t be a victim of identity theft.

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