Los Angeles County Clerk Authentication

Does your documents require authentication by the Los Angeles County Clerk?  We provide fast authentication and notary service to residents and businesses in Los Angeles, CA.  You can also mail in your documents for our fast same day service!

Some documents may require authentication before they can be presented to the California Secretary of State for an Apostille.  These documents include: birth, death, marriage, divorce, and more!  The sole purpose of the Los Angeles county clerk’s authentication is to verify that the person who signed your documents was an authorized individual to do so.

Though we do ask our clients to email us a scanned copy of their originals for verification, you can also check by looking at the bottom of the original documents.   If your documents are signed by the Los Angeles county clerk’s office, then your ready for an Apostille.  If not, you’ll need to contact the Los Angeles County clerk’s office for information.

If you live outside of Los Angeles County or in another state, please call us.  Some documents require authentication and if no longer live in the area, we can assist you in obtaining authentication from the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office and the Secretary of State in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Clerk’s phone number is 562-462-2177.  If you’d rather have us perform all the work including authentication by the county clerk and an apostille from the Secretary of State, please call us for a price quote.  Our phone number is 310-876-8489.

Click to download our California Apostille order form. Our Apostille service is fast, convenient, and saves you time and money.

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